APRIL 2021

Peppermill Challenge


Peppermill Challenge 2021


It is with regret that Swiss Netball has taken the difficult decision to cancel The Peppermill Challenge for the 2020-21 season. 

Federal Suisse and Canton Geneva COVID19 Pandemic regulations continue to prohibit competitive sporting activities at this time.

We hope that the situation will continue to improve and that Netball for Adult Clubs will be back soon. We look forward to returning to our usual competition schedule for the 2021-22 season.



INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: To be eligible to participate in the 2021 Peppermill Challenge all players must have registered for Swiss Netball Individual Membership for the 2020-21 season.

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The Peppermill Challenge

The Annual Swiss Netball Championship is open to all clubs affiliated to Swiss Netball. This event where the winning club takes home the solid silver Peppermill is one of the highlights of the season.

It has grown to include all Swiss Clubs since its inception in 2008.



2019 CHAMPION Geneva Girls Netball Association   VICE CHAMPION  Meinier Netball 

2018  Peppermill was moved from November to March in the 2018-19 season resulting in no competition in the 2018 calander year. 

2017 CHAMPION Geneva Girls Netball Association   VICE CHAMPION  Meinier Netball

2016 CHAMPION Meinier Netball                                    VICE CHAMPION  Zûrich Netball

2015 CHAMPION Zûrich Netball                                      VICE CHAMPION Geneva International Netball Club 

2014 CHAMPION Zûrich Netball                                      VICE CHAMPION Geneva International Netball Club 

2013 CHAMPION Zûrich Netball                                      VICE CHAMPION Netball Zug 

2012 CHAMPION Zûrich Netball                                      VICE CHAMPION Lancy Netball Club 

2011 CHAMPION Lancy Netball Club                             VICE CHAMPION Geneva International Netball Club 

2010 CHAMPION Lancy Netball Club                             VICE CHAMPION Geneva International Netball Club

2009 CHAMPION Geneva International Netball Club  VICE CHAMPION Lancy Netball Club 

2008 CHAMPION Geneva International Netball Club  VICE CHAMPION Lancy Netball Club  



Qualified teams

swissAubonne Armadillos

Aubonne Girls Netball Association

AGNAAubonne Jaguars

Aubonne Girls Netball Association


Geneva Girls Netball Association




Geneva International Netball Club


Geneva International Netball Club 

Lancy NetballLancy Netball

Lancy Netball

Lausanne NetballLausanne Netball

Lausanne Netball

Meinier NetballMeinier Netball I

Meinier Netball

Meinier Netball Meinier Netball II

Meinier Netball

Zurich Netball Zûrich Netball

Zürich Netball

Netball ZugNetball Zug

Netball Zug


Peppermill- 2020 Regulations

Available for download

Peppermill 2020 Regulations

Peppermill - 2020 Entry Form 

Available for download.

Peppermill 2020 Entry Form

Peppermill - 2020 Team Registration

Available for download.

Peppermill 2020 Team Registration

The Peppermill Challenge - 2019
Swiss League - 2019
Junior Clubs Tournament
Junior Clubs Tournament
The inaugural Peppermill Challenge - 2008


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