SWISS NETBALL + NETFIT Back to Netball Fitness


SWISS NETBALL + NETFIT Back to Netball Fitness

NETFIT and Swiss Netball Zoom Session

Date: Wednesday 13th January 2021

Time: 8:30pm CET (Melbourne time 6:30am) 

Cost: Free for EVERYONE

You must register to attend


You can also sign up and become a Swiss Netball Individual Member for CHF 30.- it's not too late - sign up here 

A back to Netball fitness seassion with NETFIT Sarah.

A message from NETFIT Sarah!

At NETFIT there are no rules, but we have a couple of recommendations for our zoom sessions.

1) Who doesn’t love to talk - We do ask that during the workout microphones are muted, so everyone can hear Sarahs workout, BUT we love to hear encouragement and positive vibes with everyone.

2) Join the chat post session - If you have a question, comment, thought please drop it the “chat" and Sarah will be able to answer.

3) We want to see you - So switch on those cameras to sweat and smile together. Sarah will begin at 8:30pm sharp. However, you are able to join from the call from 8:20pm onwards. 

4) What will you need for the session? 

  • 4 Cones – if you don’t have cones don’t worry!! Grab some socks.
  • Netball or any type of ball
  • Sweat Towel
  • Waterbottle

5) Every session - you will need to find a space that has 2m by 2m for some components of each session.


Sarah looks forward to seeing you all on Wed the 13th in January!