Strength and Conditioning workout  - YOGA with Yoga teacher and Netball Coach Sharon Jay.

with our U17 National Squad Athletes

Join Netball Coach and Yoga teacher Sharon Jay who will take you through a rejuvenating and inspiring Yoga session for week 6 of our weekly workouts.

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Date: Tuesday 15 December 2020

Time: 19h30

Venue: Via Zoom

Kit: A yoga mat, a belt  - like a dressing gown belt, comfy clothing and refreshments

Cost: CHF 0.- for Individual Members of Swiss Netball

The Zoom link will be sent to all attendees after 18h00 on Tuesday 15 December 2020.

Cost: CHF 0.- for Individual Members of Swiss Netball - It's not too late to join and attend all our December events including a LIVE ZOOM with  SIlver Fern Jane Watson! 

Sharon has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her students to enhance their overall well-being and loves to give detailed instructions so students can understand and perceive the effects in their own bodies. As a keen netball coach and sportsperson, her special interests are the use of yoga in sport and women’s health.

In recent years Yoga has been adopted by elite athletes as a core part of their training and life regimes. This is a  testament to the endless benefits of this ancient art of well-being. Yoga improves posture, body alignment and awareness. Whatever your sport, by returning your body to its optimal alignment.

Yoga can help you improve your running gait and help you jump and throw more explosively which results in more effective and efficient training and enhanced performance. A key proponent of Sharon’s teaching is to prevent injury by strengthening muscles to support joints and increasing their flexibility to reduce the pull on the joints. The practice of balance postures helps proprioception and improves stability around the joints.

A significant benefit of yoga for athletes is improved recovery. By enhancing circulation and lymphatic flow yoga not only increases strength and endurance but also allows muscles to process metabolic by-products more quickly, powerfully speeding healing time.

The practice of opening postures and breathing techniques yoga significantly increases respiratory capacity and increases energy and vitality. It also helps maintain a balanced metabolism by the practice of specific postures related to digestion and circulation

Yoga can help improve a person’s mental well-being. Regular yoga practice helps achieve greater focus and creates mental clarity, by centering attention and sharpening concentration. It also helps to relax the mind which helps to manage stress, which can manifest itself in many ways, including physical ailments, sleeping problems, anxiety and an inability to concentrate

Many people claim they are too stiff to do yoga, but in fact there is expression… “the Blessing of Stiffness,” meaning that the tighter we are, the easier we can experience a stretch and the quicker we benefit from practice, so just roll out the mat and get started.

Practiced regularly, yoga can give you the awareness and mindfulness you need to take both your training and your performance to the next level.

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Vanessa McErlain-Naylor, our National Squad Head Coach, is preparing weekly workout sessions for you, our Individual Members. The aim is to try and keep you all active during this pandemic and whilst your clubs are closed. We want to keep you fit and motivated - players so you can take to the court when your clubs reopen with confidence, for umpires to be just as fit as the players and for coaches and parents, to encourage your players/daughters to get outside into the fresh air and to move.