About Swiss Netball

Swiss Netball is  
the governing body for Netball in Switzerland; we are a full member of Europe Netball (EN) and World Netball (WN).


Formed in 2009, the Association, organised by volunteers, has been paramount in supporting the development of this fast, fun and feminine sport across Switzerland. The U17 Team have won the Netball Europe Challenge Cup in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019, and played in the Europe Netball Championship Cup Division in 2020.

The National Open Team first obtained a world ranking in 2012 and has climbed as high as 28th in the world.

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Swiss Netball is governed by its Statutes and Articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code.


Empowering Women through Netball

Playing sport is a great source of empowerment and skills development for girls and women. Netball has over 20 million participants world wide.


To maximise awareness and participation of Netball in Switzerland




Provide a supportive, competitive, safe arena for players to develop
Maintain and protect the interests of the game and work for improved Netball facilities in Switzerland
Promote and encourage Netball in schools and communities throughout Switzerland
Assist in the development of new and existing clubs in Switzerland.
Block type
  • Committee
  • Development and Performance Team


The Swiss Netball Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the association which include determining strategic direction, goals and policies. The committee is a dynamic team with a passion for all things Netball, and the belief that team sport for women and girls can provide positive life changing outcomes through the development of leadership and teamwork skills. Our committee team brings a wide range of professional skills and experience and give our time on a 100% voluntary basis. If you would like to join our committee please get in touch at admin@swissnetball.ch or see our Volunteer page.


The Swiss Netball Performance and Development Team is responsible for delivering development initiatives across Switzerland to grow our grassroots Netball programs. Our performance team leads our National Squads and National Coaching initiatives alongside our incredible volunteers in educator roles delivering programs that improve the standard of umpiring and bench officiating to raise the standard of our game. A dynamic team with a passion for all things Netball, and the belief that team sport for women and girls can provide positive life changing outcomes through the development of leadership and teamwork skills. Our development and performance team give their experience and time on a 100% voluntary basis. If you would like to join our D & P Team please get in touch at admin@swissnetball.ch or see our Volunteer page.
Debbie Brown


Debbie Brown

Debbie is a Swiss, British and South African national who has lived in Switzerland, on both sides of the Röstigraben, since 2005. She was a founding member of GIN and Swiss Netball whilst in Geneva and has played over the years for GIN and then Netball Zug. She is a passionate advocate for women supporting women and enjoys helping others succeed.



Sigrid Sinilaht

Finance Director

Sigrid Sinilaht

Sigrid is an Estonian national and moved to Switzerland in 2023. Prior to moving to Switzerland she lived in the UK for 13 years. She is a chartered accountant and keen on putting her skills in use to help out the Swiss Netball and be part of the community. She loves playing sport and has been part of a volleyball team wherever she has lived. She loves the positive impact that the sport has on people.



Swiss Netball Communications

Communications, Marketing & Branding

Lauren Hoare

Originally from the UK, Lauren moved to Zürich in early 2021 and quickly became a member of Zürich Netball. Lauren has always enjoyed playing netball, playing since school. She is passionate about the positive impact netball can bring to people, especially celebrating women and the community culture it brings. Lauren is supported by Amy Porter from Nyon Netball. 




Growth Lead

Claudia Almer

Claudia is Aussie & Swiss. Passionate about netball, Claudia was thrilled to find Zurich Netball Club in 2012, taking the roles of President and Coach, sharing her love of netball with like-minded women. Claudia has been Captain of the Swiss National Team from 2013. With a goal to further develop Netball in German-speaking Switzerland and the country, Claudia is excited to be part of Swiss Netball.



General Secretary

Dana van der Velden

Dana is a Georgian and Dutch national. She moved to the area of Geneva in 2017 and netball has very quickly become an important part of her life. She loves how netball helps players be stronger and more confident and is excited to be part of and strengthen the Swiss netball community. 



National Squad Committee Liaison

Emma Connolly

Emma is British & Swiss and is a German patent translator at WIPO in Geneva. She is very passionate about helping women girls realise their potential through sport with support, guidance and encouragement. Emma was a founding member of Swiss Netball, GIN and LCV, still plays for GIN, coaches at LCV, and has been on the Swiss Netball Board since day one, starting as Treasurer, then Head of Operations, followed by the President for 8 years.



Membership Liaison

Timi Sönmez

Timucin is originally from Germany and goes by the name of Timi. He has lived in Zurich since 2015 and has a strong background in basketball and football in Switzerland. He loves team sports like netball and how people are connected with each other and communities are formed. Netball is more than just a sport, it enables people to learn critical skills like teamwork, build resilience and confidence.




Operations Lead

Operations Lead - Lara Santi

Lara is a Brazilian and Italian citizen, sports physiologist and anti-doping specialist who has been living in Switzerland since 2019, working with high-performance sports for 16 years.  A former handball player, she only recently got to know netball, but has already become involved in the sport.

She is passionate about sport and its values, and believes that it really does have a positive impact on society.



B. McGinity

National Squad Assistant Coach - U17s

Bronwyn McGinity

Bronwyn was born in New Zealand, moved to Switzerland in 2008 with her family. Growing up in a sporting mad nation – Bronwyn started playing netball at 7 years old and hasn’t stopped. She is a founding member of Aubonne Netball Club, coach, umpire, player a school netball coach.

Emma Connolly

National Squads Team Manager

Emma Connolly

Emma is British and Swiss and is a German patent translator, working for the WIPO in Geneva since 2001. Emma has a BA(Hons) degree in Sport and German and is very passionate about helping women & girls realise what they can achieve through sport with support, guidance & encouragement. Emma has been on the Swiss Netball Committee since day one, first as Treasurer, then Team Manager & current President of Swiss Netball. She is one of the founders of LCV Netball Club & Treasurer at GIN. 


Tutor, C Umpire Award Theory

Tutor, C Umpire Award Theory

Helen Ashton

Helen is from the UK and has lived in Switzerland for over 20 years. She teaches biology and sports, exercise and health science at the International School of Lausanne. She played netball at school and university as well as helping to start Lausanne Netball Club. Helen represented Switzerland in the first ever Swiss Netball Open Team in 2012. She now enjoys umpiring and tutoring the C award course.


National Squads Head Coach

Mollie Brodie

Mollie Brodie is our National Squad Head Coach. Mollie was once a Suisse Lynx, playing for our national squad in 2012-14, who were our first team to obtain world ranking status. She then went onto successfully captain our team in 2013-2014. Since then she moved to the UK and co-founded a local netball club and coaches a number of local teams in Wales who went on to become national champions.


National Squad Assistant Coach - Seniors

Annette Waterman

Annette is from the UK and moved to Switzerland in 2021 having spent 9 years in Asia. She is a Level 2 coach and currently coaches at Zurich Netball Club. Prior to moving to Zurich she worked with youth players in both club and school environments. Annette is committed to sharing her love of netball and encouraging players of all ages and abilities. She is excited about the opportunity to be part of the Swiss Netball coaching team and is looking forward to working with everyone involved. 

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