We are committed to the development of our Officials. ‘Team White’ as they are often referred to (due to the traditional colour of their kit) encompasses all Officiating roles from Umpires and Technical Officials (scorers and timers) who are integral to netball and are the third team on court, without whom the game would not happen, and Officiating Tutors and Assessors.



Umpires help to keep the game safe, fair, and fun for everyone to enjoy.

Swiss Netball strives to have high quality officials to service the game and to encourage umpiring development in this great sport. We have a clear Umpire Pathway beginning with the Swiss Netball Into Umpiring award progressing through to the Netball Europe C, B, A, and INF International Umpire award to continue the education process for our umpires.

Anyone over the age of 13 can become an umpire. As well as providing a fun, rewarding way to engage with the sport you love, training as an official is a great way to support the health of the game. You don’t need any previous experience or qualifications, only a willingness to learn and a passion for the sport.

If this sounds exciting to you, go to our UMPIRING PAGE to learn more or contact us on;and start your journey to becoming a Netball umpire.

Bench Officials

Technical Officials get close to the action and experience a different side of the game and anyone can get involved.

More and more individuals are choosing officiating not only umpiring but also bench officiating.

Becoming a Technical Official is a great way to get close to the action and experience a different side of the game and anyone can get involved.

Perfect for those over the age of 16, Technical Officials have an important role to play.  They are responsible for the accurate recording of the score, the correct timing of the game the substitutions of players and issues concerning player discipline.

If you have a good level of concentration and attention to detail and love being part of a team, why not become a Technical Official. We’d love to hear from you. For more information visit our BENCH OFFICIALS PAGE or please email

Educator Roles

Educators experience a different side of the game. Tutoring, assessing and mentoring giving back to the game by investing in our Swiss Netball learners.  

Swiss Netball is working hard to develop every area of the game. Are you a committed umpire and would like to help others on their umpiring journey?

Why not become a mentor, tutor, or assessor? This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and give something back to the game.

If this opportunity could be for you, check out our EDUCATOR ROLES PAGE or please email